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1825 Indian Mound Dr, Mt. Sterling, KY

Located right off the bypass

Research shows that 75% of people who drive, ride, or walk by billboards consciously look at billboards when they are driving or riding. And billboards are 24/7 advertising. Radio and television ads run an equally short time. Magazine ads depend upon subscribers and readers paying attention to the ad as they flip through the magazine. The cost of your billboard ad guarantees it is played not just a few times a day but all day every day. Billboards provide repeat exposure to your ad as passersby have a regular route. They see your ad at least twice a day five or more days each week.

At this location, there are approximately 17,000+ people who drive by these billboards every day! This is the most driven route in Mt. Sterling (outside of the interstate)

And, the best news is that it's super cost-effective to design and print a billboard.  We've worked heavily with Easy Order Banners, and most billboards this size cost approximately $300 to print & ship, and we'll install for FREE! All of our available billboards are listed below, so reach out with more questions or to rent one today! 

Owned and Managed by DGM Rentals LLC. Contact Adam Kennedy (614) 607-3455 or email for more details or rent a billboard


Price: $300/month

Size: 12' x 24'

Direction: Faces East

Lease term: 12 months

Available: Immediately

U4 (currently Gateway community)

Price: $300/month

Size: 12' x 24'

Direction: Faces West

Lease term: 12 months

Available: Immediately

Do you have your eye on a specific billboard you would like to lease when it comes available? Let us know, and we can add you to our waiting list! Contact Adam Kennedy (614) 607-3455 or email

L1 - DGM Rentals

L2 - Haddix Brothers

L3 - Big League Roofers

L4 - Rusty Nuts Garage

U1 - Anderson Commercial Cleaning

U2 - DKS Renovations

U3 - Life Church

U4 - Gateway Community

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